We are pleased to welcome you back shopping.

All COVID-secure measures remain in place and our key priority is the safety of our customers and the staff at outlets still trading during the national lockdown.

The safety measures include signed walking routes, hand sanitising stations at the entrances and exits, enhanced cleaning regimes, the requirement to wear a face covering unless exempt, maintaining social distance on the mall and in all shops at the Centre, and not visiting if experiencing any coronavirus symptoms.

We’d like to thank all our customers for playing their part in shopping safely with us during recent months and we hope to see you again safely soon.

During this period of restrictions, we once again ask for your cooperation by carefully following all the rules and advice to ensure your safety and protect the health of your fellow shoppers and the staff who are working here.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What measure are in the place at the centre:

A; We have implemented many guidelines to keep our shoppers safe. To keep things simple we are asking you to keep to the left whilst in the centre with a 2-metre social distancing rule. Crossing over the mall is permitted however please do not stop on the mall.


Q: Can I go shopping with my family or friends at the Centre, as I haven’t seen them for a while?

A:  No, this is not permitted at this time. Groups are not allowed. The Centre can only accommodate so many visitors in the malls at any one time, to maintain social distancing rules.


Q: I am a single parent and do not have anyone to look after my children whilst I go shopping. What can I do?

A: We will make an allowance for circumstances such as this and you will be permitted entry to shop with your children. You will need to ensure that your children observe the social distance rule and are not left wandering on their own. However, if a family with two parents and children arrive, only one adult will be permitted entry.


Q: Do I need to wear a face mask in the Centre?

A:It is compulsory to wear a face covering in the centre and its retailers unless exempt. Customers must abide by these Government rules or could face a £100 fine.


Q: Do I need to wear gloves at the Centre?

A:  It is better to wash or sanitise your hands more regularly. The Centre has sanitising stations available on the mall for you to use free of charge.


Q: If I develop symptoms after shopping at the Centre, do I need to inform the Centre Management.

A: We advise all visitors to follow the advice given by Public Health England and you can find a link to their website above. It is not necessary to advise the Centre Management unless you are employed in one of the Stores.


Q: Will the Centre trading hours change?

A: The Centre hours will remain as open as normal; however, store trading times may vary we advise you to check with individual stores.


Q: My child has autism, what measures are in place during this time?

A: If any shoppers are having difficulties whilst shopping please speak to a member of our team. All centre staff have received specialised training and we have dedicated Autism Champions. If you would like a member of the team to walk around the centre to explain the new measures put in please just speak to us, we are more than happy to do this. We would also like to advise shoppers that Sundays are our quieter days with tannoy announcements not being played. Our sensory room is currently closed but if you need a quite space please let a member of the team know.


Q: Are the car parks open?

A: Bankfield Car Park remains open. Curzon Multi Storey is closed.