Monster Hero Safari

23rd July 2020

Charter Walk Shopping Centre in conjunction with Burnley BID are providing a family fun ‘Safari’, a story-trail, to help spread joy, support the NHS and give families a safe reason to return to Burnley.

Launching on 3rd August, families and households in Burnley will be invited to search the shopping centre and high street for 10 cute and colourful MonsterHeroes. Using only smartphones, the Safari allows you to learn each of the MonsterHero’s name, story, and superpowers. Once all 10 MonsterHeroes are found, a free e-book, that tells the story of their first team-up, will be unlocked.  The Safari works by utilising contactless NFC technology and QR codes, without the need for players to download or sign up to anything, they simply need to tap or scan to play. The Safari aims to bring families together with a fun and exciting activity that can be enjoyed through the summer.