Isolation Tips for those with Autism

30th September 2020

Here at Charter Walk, we know it’s been a difficult few months. For people with autism, lockdown and coronavirus can be particularly difficult to comprehend given our ‘new normal.’ Your mental health is extremely important, which is why we’ve put together some tips if you find yourself or your children struggling whilst isolating or just in your everyday life.

  1. Stay active – this doesn’t mean running a marathon or going on a hike, simple activities like cleaning the house, walking and yoga count. Exercise can help you sleep better AND its good for your health.
  2. Create some structure – start writing a to-do-list or a routine when you wake up in the morning so you can introduce some sense of normality to your day.
  3. Try and do something you love everyday – this could be Facetiming a friend, playing a game, or just stroking your pet. These little things can make all the difference in boosting your mood.
  4. Limit how much news you consume – It can be tempting to check for updates and new announcements but spending too much time checking the news can keep you in an anxious state. Set specific times to check the news. Also, make sure that you’re checking credible sources.
  5. Understand your feelings – If you find yourself worrying about current developments around COVID-19, that is okay. We’re going through something new and strange, so worrying about it is understandable. That worry becomes a problem when you find that you’re overwhelmed by it, and not able to enjoy the things that you normally would. Try to focus on things you can control.