Sophie’s Blog – World Autism Awareness Week

1st April 2021


Happy World Autism Awareness Week!

It’s a really important week to raise awareness surrounding Autism and to educate people who might not necessarily understand what it feels like to be autistic or even how many challenges an autistic person faces just to do a simple thing like shopping without a pandemic.

This #worldautismawarenessweek is about raising awareness and also helping people understand some of the challenges we face on a daily basis.

The pandemic has made life more difficult for everyone but for autistic people, we felt like the outside our homes were inhospitable, the outside world changed dramatically with little or no adjustments in place and in a short space of time.

Autistic people are good at recognising patterns. It might seem strange to a non autistic person that we could understand and pick up on behavioural patterns but we emotionally do feel a lot all at once that it becomes overwhelming. When we’re out in public, we get anxious (that is normal) as we’ve learnt from previous experiences what to look out for and what to expect so when something goes wrong, a routine/rules change suddenly or someone starts to display patterns of behaviour that leads to confrontation or aggression it actually reinforces why we should be scared or anxious when outside.

Last year was equally terrifying and joyful, I had to adapt to new difficult challenges that overwhelmed and terrified me but it also allowed me to get involved with some amazing projects and opportunities to spread awareness about Autism in a positive way.

Please be kind, patient and understanding that we might be feeling a bit anxious when out and about especially when the country starts opening up again (the UK is still in a national lock down until the 12th April and will not officially be fully re-opened until the 21st of June).

We’re all trying to muddle through this insane time and we’ve got to do it together.

If you want to find out more and get involved, head over to